Lecture Series on Innovation in the Global Economy

How important is Home-Market Size for Research in the Pharmaceutical Industry, and beyond?

This lecture focuses on the importance of domestic demand and, more specifically, on homemarket size in shaping the pat tern of successful research and thus international trade within industries. It turns out that home-market size is important, even in a small country such as Switzerland. Professor Dave Donaldson discussed whether and in which way the home market is important for research in the pharmaceutical industry, but also in other industries. more


Lecture Series on Innovation in the Global Economy

Trade with China: The Likelihood and Consequences of Decoupling

Has globalization peaked? Will economic and geopolitical tensions lead us to a new era of disintegration and deglobalization, led by a decoupling of the U.S. and Chinese economies, or perhaps even a polarization of the world economy into separate economic hubs comprising the United States and its Western allies and China, Russia, and their satellites? We have engaged in discussions with Professor Gene Grossmann on some of these questions. more


Lecture Series on Innovation in the Global Economy

Globalization of R&D: The World, the U.S. and China

Multinationals expand in the “innovation systems” in developing economies like India and China. U.S. multinationals that pursue highly integrated global innovation networks appear to produce “better” innovations. In the event Prof. Bradford described these developments and discussed with Prof. Weder the implications of growing geopolitical competition for global innovation, strategy and policymaking. more